Sunday, 5 December 2010

Poll Placement

My polls will now always be on the right hand side of my blog page.
Thats all 

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow without Sleep

To anyone reading this in England, you will know what I mean, when I say that the last week has been slightly cold.  Where I live has dipped down to temp of around -4°C, which, when the boiler in your house has broken down, is freezing.  The last two nights we have had at least 20 inches of snow; which for the South of England is a lot!  One inevitable good point has been that deep snow has prevented me from attending school giving me a delightful 5-day weekend.  My Jack Wills trackies have been my saviours for this evil cold snap; I am in love with them at the moment; they have been invaluable at keeping my legs from the frost as I wade through the snow drifts.  They're definitely a bit more expensive than bog standard trackies, but so worth the investment, I would not do without them I have three beautiful fox terriers (one mum, and two of her pups; a girl and a boy), and they delight in the snow.  They have found particular delight in traipsing through the house after they have come in from playing in the snow, and shaking the snow that has clumped to them everywhere.  This then results in lovely puddles of water spilling across the floor, just waiting for me to slip over.  

Now as you either might or might not know, I am writing a novel.  To find the time amongst long tiring school days (the school bus picks me up at 7am, and drops me off at 8pm) is a stretch to say the least.  I have to grab every opportunity to write with open arms.  I write on the school bus going to and from school; in between doing prep after school before the bus leaves at 19:15; and my eye-rolling habit, staying up till between 1-3am every morning or night, however you want to interpret it.  Yes you could call it stupidity; I prefer to label it as dedication.  After months of having 3-5 hours sleep open, you get just a bit tired.  I also display that characteristic teenage trait; to never be able to wake up before the clock hits double figures, of my own volition at least.

Phew!  That was a long post; but I guess I had quite a few things to say to the world who would want to listen to me.  That’s all for now; until next time.  For now, remember this phrase: ‘Carpe Diem – Seize the Carp’.

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Monday, 22 November 2010

Links, Cheesiness and Novels

I just thought that i should explain why I have such an eclectic range of links at the top of my page. The links have either amused me or affected/inspired me to become the person I am.  Yep it's cheesy, but it works.  (Early P.S.)  Special note on Remember Me; I'm saying the next bit at the risk of sounding like an obsessive freak, but here goes.  This movie had a REAL affect on me; I cried for about ninety minutes during the film, and was in a mega depressed mood for the rest of that day; even thinking about the film makes me cry.  

I'm sad I know that already; but I hope I haven't scared you away with my freakishness, so now on with the bulk of my post.

I say inspire because I am writing a novel at the moment.  Smack bang in the middle of GCSE's, I get this urge to write a story; not the best of timing, but when the inspiration comes you just have to go with it.  I'm still writing it at the moment, but I'm around over two-thirds of the way there (I started in February 2010 and I hope to be finished by January 2011,(probably just wishful thinking but hey, I'll try) just in time for my mocks.)  I haven't exactly decided on a title, all my previous ideas have just not gone right.  Basically the story is a modern coming-of-age story, which deals with issues of trust, insecurity, and relationships in life.  When an embittered student and a broken movie star to each other, how will they react?  Will they fuse?  Or will they form indifference to the other?

An extract will hopefully be coming soon
<3 x 

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Starting Out

Welcome to my new blog.  This is my first adventure into the blog-sphere, so please bear with me if I get things wrong.
About me: I'm a teenage girl in the middle of her GCSE's at the moment, anyone who says that Year 11 is easy, is lying or delusional or has memory loss.  NEVER believe them.  I go to a public (for people outside the UK this is an old private school) boarding school, which also happens to be an all girls school, in the south-east of England (just in case you hadn't managed to work out that already that I live in England).
Anyway... I decided to write this blog because i wanted to have a public way to express my opinions and feelings a this seemed like the best idea.
Well this was meant to be a short intro into why I wanted to do this.  I hope you have enjoyed it.
<3 x